Bukan setakat kotor, siap tidur dan pijak-pijak atas bihun tu lagi! (5 Gambar)

Walaupun bukan dekat malaysia tapi sejak kes yang bihun cap masjid tu aku terus berhati-hati untuk makan bihun dan aku hanya akan makan sekiranya yakin dari produk Muslim yang diyakini suci dan murni. 
Satgi aku kutuk puak-puak ni pengotor kata rasis, tapi kat mana pun depa sama saja..
A FACTORY producing rice vermicelli in Dongguan, China, found itself caught in a food safety scandal when pictures emerged online of its workers handling the product with their bare feet on the floor.
Major Chinese dailies reported that a netizen posted pictures on the Internet, showing the barefoot workers kicking around piles of the noodle on the floor.
They trampled all over the vermicelli as they walked about in the premises.
One worker was shown lying on a pile of vermicelli while taking an afternoon nap.
Netizens were stunned by the revelation. They condemned the factory, calling their product “stinky foot rice vermicelli”.
The local food safety administration has ordered the factory to be closed temporarily to reassess its production procedures.
The factory was also cautioned to improve its hygiene conditions.-The Star

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