Video: Remaja Selamba Berak Di Khalayak Ramai Dalam LRT!


Aku harapkan orang Malaysia jangan ada yang sampai berkelakuan buruk sebegini.
Ibu bapalah yang patut menjadi teladan kepada anak-anak.
Inilah yang dikatakan, fasiliti kelas pertama, mentality kelas ketiga.

Net user @李小冷S uploaded the photo to Sina Weibo and commented, “I was shocked today.
This is what I saw on Metro Line 3.
Yes, you got it right, the kid is pooping at the corner.
And that’s a really huge pile!!
His father stood right next to him, unperturbed.
Judging by their clothing, his family is doing not bad.
But the upbringing is too inadequate! He does not even care to withhold his poop!”
Until press time, it has been shared 18,400 times.
“What makes one feel sadder is, it was during rush hour, but except for me, no one at the scene said a word about it,” @李小冷S added in a later post.

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