Kekuatan Angkatan Tentera Malaysia Ke27 Dunia???

Betoi ka?
Namun logik tu memang ada..

Malaysia mungkin ketinggalan dari segi teknologi persenjataan, tapi kehebatan komando dan semangat waja tentera Malaysia usah dipandang remeh!
Diakui oleh negara-negara asing.
Cuma ada juak pakatan haram jadey saja yang suka perlekehkan negara sendiri!


GFP provides a unique analytical display of data covering global military powers with statistics compiled through various sources. All manner of countries are considered in the ranking, a spectrum helping to produce a near-complete comparison of relative military strengths from across the globe. The user should note that nuclear capability is not taken into account for the final ranking for this listing is purely a "numbers game" meant to spark debate and including nuclear weapons would clearly defeat its purpose. Therefore GFP comparisons are for consideration in a conventional war based solely on each individual nation's capabilities on land, at sea and through the air while including logistical and financial aspects when waging total war. Sources are stated whenever possible though some statistics are estimated if official numbers are not available.

Final Thoughts
It goes without saying that lists such can be completely subjective, though the GFP intention is to be wholly unbiased.
The final GFP rankings are based on a formula taking some 45 factors into account and compiling totals against each country, applying bonuses and penalties as needed to generate this list.

Ikut Kekuatan Angkatan Tentera di Asean (World Ranking)

18. Indonesia  

19. Thailand 

23. Philipina 

27. Malaysia 

41. Singapore

Aku rasa indikator yang digunakan oleh firma ni macam meragui dan ada yang tak kena saja..
Banyak yang dimusykilkan jika diperhatikan keadaan sebenar. 
Atau mungkin ada yang menyimpan taring?

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