Punya la nak jilat, sampai Guan Eng tahan berak pun wartawan ni nak spin!.Hahaha

By Cheong Yin Fan(The 28th floor column in Sin Chew Daily northern edition)

I have written an article titled “The Tears of Ah Eng” four years ago. I wrote that the Penang CM visited  fire victims in Butterworth and he asked them “have you eaten?” The victims shook their heads and Guan Eng cried. It became the topic of media attention. Some people praised about it while some were critical.Since then, the CM could “hold on” to his emotions while carrying out his duty.

It was not so until Oct 20 – when the visually impaired Kenzon Yeoh, who scored 5As in the Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR), spoke during a simple certificate presentation ceremony in Komtar, Penang, where CM was the guest of honour.Everyone was so touched by his speech.

The CM hugged the boy as if he was hugging his own children. It was such a warm scene.After the function, the CM asked us whether we were touched by Kenzon Yeoh’s speech. Every one of us nodded our heads. The CM said: “Can’t cry. Can’t cry especially in front of their parents.  I gave him a hug so that I can hold back my tears.

”Oh, the CM is trying to hold back his tears.But not everything can be put on hold such as when you need to answer nature’s call “pang sai” (means shitting in Hokkien).I had food poisoning recently and as a result endured diarrhoea for four days, rushing to the toilet each time my stomach ached.We are just a small fry, so we can take a few days of medical leave to rest at home.

However, for my boss, he is a big gun and could not forgo attending functions, even to the extent of holding back the call of nature.There was an occasion when Guan Eng did not feel well prior to his overseas trip. Guan Eng could not cancel his trip as many people had bought tickets to listen to his speech. 

Guan Eng presumed that he would feel better after an eight-hour flight.However, Guan Eng still felt uncomfortable after taking some medication and there was no way he would forgo giving his speech.Normally, Guan Eng will give a long speech, where even 30 minutes is not enough for him. This time, Guan Eng only gave an eight-minute speech, shorter than the 10 minutes slot allocated to him.

Some of audience complained that he talked very softly and could not hear clearly what he was trying to say. It was so unlike Guan Eng.Later Guan Eng told them that:“I hold it. I dare not exert and speak loudly. I was afraid that if I speak loudly, all will gush out from my anus. I was sweating and I know my colleagues are worried for me too.”Finally he finished his speech, he quickly sat down because “By sitting down, I can push it back.” (Boss told this to me personally)

As a leader, they not only have to hold their emotions, they must also “kek sai” (literally translated as hold back his shit).

Sori artikel B.I. Cuma korang fokuskan pada 3 perenggan terakhir. Punya la wartawan ni nak jilat Guan Eng, sampai tahan berak pun depa nak gembar-gemburkan. KAHKAHKAH

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