Niat Jahat Media Asing Untuk Menjatuhkan Imej MAS Terkantoi!

Masterchef UK marah media australia guna gambar dia untuk propa pesawat MAS kosong.

Seolah-olah ada agenda jahat dari portal Australia ini untuk menjatuhkan lagi reputasi MAS dan menggambarkan seolah-olah MAS sekarang tidak laku dan kekurangan penumpang. 
Sungguh tiada etika portal tersebut kerana menayangkan gambar ketika pesawat masih kosong dan chef tersebut antara penumpang terawal padahal pesawat tersebut hampir penuh! 

Nampaknya, jelas dan nyata usaha pihak tidak bertanggung jawab yang membuat spekulasi hanya kerana dua gambar ini. Spekulasi tentang reputasi buruk MAS ini juga dilaporkan di beberapa laman berita barat seperti, Yahoo Singapore News, New York Daily News, Metro UK dan juga beberapa laman berita tempatan. 
 Jelas sekali usaha mereka untuk menjatuhkan imej MAS dan Malaysia.

MasterChef UK winner slams Australian news portal over misuse of picture.

PETALING JAYA: MasterChef UK 2014 winner Catherine Chin Wan Ping Coombes has slammed an Australian news portal over the misuse of a picture of her family and her aboard a Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight.*

The picture, taken with her husband and daughter, was used to depict empty seats on the flight for a news report last Friday, titled “Higher commissions, fewer passengers: the struggle to save Malaysia Airlines deepens”.*

In an Instagram posting, Coombes clarified that the picture was taken before other passengers had boarded the MAS aircraft on Aug 18.*

“Woke up to this picture in the media! For anyone who has been on a plane knows, family and children get boarded first, the flight was not empty, it was in fact full,” she said via her @ping_coombes account.*

She also expressed her disappointment that what was essentially a show of gratitude to the national carrier was used to depict the airline in a negative light.*

“It’s really sad that a thank you on a kind upgrade that I was offered is being used to attack an airline which has had such a difficult time. We should be offering support and compassion,” she wrote.*

Her original Twitter posting of the photo was captioned with the message “Thank you @MAS, it is an amazing surprise”, in reference to being upgraded to business class seats by the airline.*

The Australian portal had painted a harsh image of MAS in its report, saying that the airline was burning through its cash reserves in a struggle to survive.*

It used a series of images and messages posted by Twitter and Instagram users showing empty seats and check-in lines to prove its point.

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